Russia: Large-scale rehearsal held ahead of 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade видео

A large-scale rehearsal for the 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade was carried out at the Alabino military polygon in Moscow Region on Wednesday.

Some 10,000 troops and 100 units of military hardware, including Armata tanks, T-90 tanks, GAZ Tigr armoured vehicles and Topol-M missile launchers were involved in the drills.

SOT, Alexander Shelkobrasov, Cadet, Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School (Russian): “It’s a very big honour to parade through Red Square like my forefathers did. I am a patriot of my country and above all I pay my respects to our veterans, to the remaining few.”

SOT, Alexei Zabolotniy, Sergeant, Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School (Russian): «Of course the emotions run very high when you march in the square and feel that history. They say that when we are marching the tribunes are shaking.»

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